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The Wall Street Journal

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                  We all need a hint of mint. Discover the refreshing fragrance note in these refined (and …Continue reading


The Sunday Times Style Magazine

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Fragrances that can help you pull women? Stephen Armstrong finds out if it’s really true Stephen’s choice: ‘Part of a new breed of male fragrances …Continue reading



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Chandler Burr writes – Get a Whiff of Independence. Some guys stick to the indie stuff, labels so underground they need mining gear. So why …Continue reading


The New York Times T Magazine

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Scent Notes / Menthe Fraîche by Heeley. ***** Five stars – Chandler Burr- Discovering an extraordinary new scent is a joy in itself, like unexpectedly …Continue reading



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Le talentueux Mr Heeley. James Heeley est le parfait exemple du créateur qui ressemble a ses créations : discret, élégant, d’un abord simple mais, à …Continue reading