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Rose Aria

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A delicate air of optimism

Rose Aria captures the scent of a fresh garden rose with a distinct oriental base. The airy opening notes of dew-laden Rose Centifolia are accompanied by fresh notes, almost reminiscent of green apple. Notes of musk, amber and sandalwood elevate the delicate layers of rose, that once airborne leave behind an exquisite trail of scent and secret admirers. Like music that can be measured by the vibration of audible sound waves, perfume is often measured by its ‘sillage, the trail of scent that the wearer leaves behind ‘en passant’. The greater the sillage, the more exquisite a perfume must be.

Green Leaves . Galbanum
Rose Centifolia
Amber . Musk . Saffron . Sandalwood

Natural Spray: 100 ml, 2 ml Sample

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