Verveine d'Eugène


An imperial favourite

The favourite scent of the Prince Imperial Eugène Bonaparte, son of Napoleon III, who while exiled in England under the protection of Queen Victoria attended King’s College London before joining the British Army. This unmistakably fresh, elegant scent of lemon verbena has an accord of bergamot, cardamon and blackcurrant layered with a transparent floral note of jasmine softened by a touch of white musk.

♂ As sharp as a button.
♀ An elegant weekend gardener.

Bergamot . Rhubarb . Cardamon
Lemon Verbena . Blackcurrant . Jasmine
White Musk

Natural Spray: 100 ml, 50 ml,15 ml Set, 2ml Sample

Eau de Parfum  - 100 ml Natural Spray 145,00 €
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