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Marseille 'Extra'

A landscape unfolds into the azure blue Mediterranean. Aromatic, green herbs, lavender, rosemary and sage are woven over a covering of dry woods, oak moss and oriental amber evoke the fusion of Provence with the vibrance of the Orient that is unequivocally Marseille. This scent was inspired by the photographer Olivier Amsellem, the owner and founder of the concept store Jogging, who has his finger on the pulse of contemporary living in Marseille. Hence a special edition made for Jogging.

♂  On the Corniche at 6 in the morning.
♀  Gina Jimenez bathing in the calanques (video by Olivier Amsellem).

Fresh Basil
Lavender . Sage . Rosemary
Oak Moss . Amber

Natural Spray: 100 ml, 15 ml Set, 2ml sample
Edition Jogging 100 ml

Eau de Parfum - 100 ml Natural Spray 145,00 €
  • Eau de Parfum - 2 ml Natural Spray 3,50 € In den Korb